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prudent adj
1 careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment; "a prudent manager"; "prudent rulers"; "prudent hesitation"; "more prudent to hide than to fight" [ant: imprudent]
2 showing wise self-restraint in speech and behavior especially in preserving prudent silence; "maintained a prudent silence"

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prudens, prudentis, contr. from providens: confer prudent. See provident.


  • /ˈpɹuːdənt/, /"pru:d@nt/


  1. Sagacious in adapting means to ends; circumspect in action, or in determining any line of conduct; practically wise; judicious; careful; discreet; sensible; -- opposed to rash; as, a prudent man; dictated or directed by prudence or wise forethought; evincing prudence;
    Moses established a grave and prudent law. Milton.
  2. Frugal; economical; not extravagant; e.g. prudent expenditure of money.


sagacious in adapting means to ends
frugal; economical; not extravagant

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